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Applicant List of Documents

Forms Notes
Tenant Selection Criteria One per household.
Move In Application Form Can be completed ONLINE. One form per household.
Authorization for Release of Information Complete one form per household.
Resident Statement of Assets Complete one form per household.
Asset Verification Each individual/household must complete the form. One form for each financial institution.
Authorization to Assist Complete one form per household.
Verification of Employment Complete one form for each employer/job.
Child Support Certification Complete one form for each occupant under 18 years of age.
Certification of Income for Self-Employed Persons Complete one form for each occupant that is self-employed.
Unemployed Resident Affidavit Complete one form for each household member that is currently unemployed or anticipates becoming unemployed within the next 12 months.
Zero-/Extremely Low-Income Household Questionnaire Complete one form if the household has no or extremely low income.
Public Housing Authority Statement of Income and Assistance Complete if receiving rental assistance under Section 8. One form for each individual receiving assistance.
Verification of Household Assistance Completed by each provider/individual that purchases or pays for items used by the household.
Verification of Benefits/Public Assistance Complete if receiving any benefits or public assistance. One form for each tenant receiving benefits.
Seasonal Worker Affidavit Complete if seasonally employed. One form for each seasonal employee.
Certification of Tip Income Complete for each household member working in a service industry position where tip income is expected.
Affordable Housing Lease Addendum Complete one form per household. Not required for section 8 or section 515 leases
Certification of Live-In Aide Completed by the applicant requiring live-in aide.
Verification of Need for Live-In Aide Completed by a physician if applicant requires Live-in Aide.
Verification of Student Status Completed upon request only. One form per student.

Other Items Notes
$27.00 Application Fee For each applicant 18 years and older.
Three (3) most recent pay stubs Provide 3 most recent pay stubs for each job/employer.
Six (6) most recent bank statements Upon request only. Provide 6 most recent bank statements for each financial institution.

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